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Brians OPTiK 2 Goalie Blocker - Intermediate

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Brians OPTiK 2 Goalie Blocker - Intermediate

The Brian’s OPTiK 2 Goalie Blocker is a lightweight high-performance blocker built for goalies looking for the very best in performance and durability. With High-end technologies like the BOA Strapping system and E-Foam Technologies, as well as performance benefits such as a firmer blocking surface the OPTiK 2 Blocker is out to prove a blocker is not just a blocker. 

  • BOA System strapping for a dialed in fit.
  • Firmer blocker face for harder rebounds.
  • Internal laced sidewall for a cleaned up and streamlined look.
  • Beveled blocker board for reduced overall weight.

The Brian’s OPTiK 2 goalie blocker is designed for performance and durability with high-end construction and technologies. The construction consists of E-Foam technology, Brian’s lightweight and durable foam found on all their pro products. The blocking face itself has been updated to a firmer foam as more goalie’s demand shots to deflect out fast and far to reduce rebound opportunities in close. The internal laced in sidewall gives a clean look while providing a structurally sound sidewall. The OPTiK 2 Blocker features a beveled edge design sloping inward from the blocking surface which reduces weight but does not affect the performance or structure of the blocker. 

For dialing in your fit, the Brian’s OPTiK 2 blocker features a unique BOA system across the wrist allowing for a very precise tight or loose feel. Over the top of the BOA system is the sidewall anchor strap which provides an anchor point for the sidewall to ensure less flaring and a consistently squared sidewall, while also doubling as a protection of the BOA system. At the top of the fingers is the Smart Strap adjustment, and adjustable finger elastic sewn to the index and ring fingers provide improved tension and adjustability with the finger pads.


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