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Brians OPTiK 2 Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

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Brians OPTiK 2 Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

Brian’s is back with the newest installment of the OPTiK pads, the Brain’s OPTiK 2 Goalie Leg Pads. With an all new core profile, updated strapping, and plenty more updates to the pad the OPTiK 2 is a streamlined, lightweight pad for goalies looking to play big and quick in the crease. 

  • New MAX Core provides flexibility down low, with rigidity in the top of the pad.
  • Updated strapping to OPTiK 2 Wrap for streamlined, lightweight, and consistent feel.
  • Streamlined outer roll for reduced weight and improved puck tracking.
  • Firmer foams and laced in knee block for improved sliding.

When the OPTiK line was first introduced in 2017 and put a new spin on their successful Subzero line creating a leg pad catered to goalies of any style of play. For 2019 Brian’s bring the OPTiK 2 which not only caters to all goalies but has improved upon an already successful design. The Biggest change is the new MAX core which will come stock on all OPTiK 2 leg pads in store. The first generation OPTiK pads had either a FLX or FLY core providing a flexible, or rigid chassis to the pad depending on the goalie’s preference. With the new MAX core, you can get the best of both worlds, with a flexible boot and bottom half of the pad and a solid rigid feel above the knee. Many goalies are preferring this style of pad due to the flex you get at the boot allowing you to load and push off more effectively, and the rigid thigh rise providing strength and coverage while in the butterfly. 

The OPTiK 2 Leg Pads also feature a new streamlined outer roll, which has been a trend with newer leg pads. Not only does this reduce weight of the pad, but it also gives the goalie a slightly better sightline when tracking the puck in close. The construction of the OPTiK 2 leg pads consists of high-end materials such as Brian’s signature E-foam technology, a lightweight but durable foam seen used throughout their pro level offerings. 

The inside sliding edge of goalie leg pads has become one of the most important parts of the pad in recent years as goalies demand a pad that slides fast and holds up to the wear of constant sliding on the ice. Brian’s OPTi-Slide technology has been at the forefront of both of these demands with the addition of Primo material to the sliding edge and firmer foams on the knee and calf portion of the sliding surface. The Primo material has become synonymous with durability and sliding functionality, and the OPTiK 2 pads of course has the Primo material from top to bottom on the inside gusset. The OPTi-Slide technology features a binding-less inside gusset to create less drag when sliding across the ice, and firmer foams on the inside of the pad for a faster slide. The biggest change to the OPTi-Slide from the 2017 OPTiK pad is the new laced in knee block which adds stability by creating a more solid connection point for the knee stack, keeping it from fighting the pad while driving your knee to the ice. 

The Brian’s OPTiK 2 leg pads feature a new strapping, getting away from the X-straps on the 2017 OPTiK pads. The new OPTiK 2 Wrap take influence from The GNETiK IV strapping for a lightweight and consistent tightness across the calf. The rest of the straps will look familiar with a streamlined knee Velcro strap that can be attached across the knee of down to the top of the calf, A smart boot strap made from strong seat-belt like material, and the new smart cord toe ties made from shock cord like many toe ties today. A new feature on the strapping setup on the OPTiK 2 pads is the optional upper calf strap, which can be purchased separately and added to the calf channel with an easy lacing system. Many enjoy a tighter feel around the top of the calf area, and the addition of this strap can give just that without restricting movements. 

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Weight:4.6 lbs.Weight of a single leg pad measured in pounds (Sr 34" Int 30" Jr 28" Yth 23").
Knee Breaks:0 External, 2 InternalBreaks in the foam & material of the outer roll. Pads with zero (O) knee breaks tend to be more rigid and have less flex, while pads with one (1) or two (2) knee breaks are "softer" and have more flex built into them.
Width:11 InchesWidth of a single pad measured in inches.
External Material:Jenpro/PrimoType of external material.
# of Straps:3Number of leg attachment straps.
Strap Type:Smart WrapType of attachment strap.
Toe Attachment Type:Smart CordType of piece that attaches the pad to the toe of the skate.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:6 Months LimitedPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.