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CCM CL500 Goalie Pants - Youth

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CCM CL500 Goalie Pants - Youth

The new CCM CL500 goalie pants feature a molded, segmented, higher waist design that provides better protection on the rib and back areas - which is ideal for goalies who don't tuck their chest guards into their pants.  The waist and hip padding is made of molded PE foams for great, lightweight protection, and a segmented PE foam lower spine pad comes standard.  The pants can be cinched tight to the waist using both an exterior belt and a front lacing system.

The thigh padding is also made of molded PE foams, and the thigh padding has been squared off to provide a more flat frontal blocking surface.  Segmented pads cover the upper thigh area, and these pads flex easily to allow for unincumbered movement in any direction.  A 1" hidden extension zipper sits underneath the exterior belt cover on the INT & JR sized models - a great feature for goalies who are inbetween sizes or anticipating a growth spurt.

The pant shell is made of durable 400D Nylon with elastic stretch gussets in the legs and crotch to help the pants flex easily.


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Size Small Medium Large X - Large
Waist (in)* 36" - 38" 40" - 42" 44" - 46" 48" - 50"
Size Medium Large XL
Waist (in)* 28" - 30" 30" - 32" 32" - 34"
Size Medium Large XL
Waist (in)^ 22" - 24" 24" - 26" 26" - 28"
Size Small / Medium Large / X - Large
Waist (in)^ 18" - 20" 20" - 22"

* - Add 8-10 inches to actual waist size then match to appropriate pant size

^ - Regular Waist Size