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The GloveStix deodorizing insert is perfect for your gloves, skates, cleates, and shoes. This insert is designed to inhibit 99.9 % of odor causing bacteria on the product surface. You will start noticing a difference within 24 hours. These inserts are made to absorb moisture and deodorize your gear!

Not only will you see results within 24 hours, but these inserts are designed to last for 10 years. GloveStix has included Silver Seal technology which infuses the plastic with silver ions. Silver has natural antimicrobial properties and in the presence of moisture is designed to extinguish the cell walls of the bacteria.

Within each of the inserts on the GloveStix deodorizer are replaceable deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags so your gloves and footwear dry faster. These moisture absorbing bags are lightly scented with plant based essential oils and, depending on the user, you should change these bags every 3 months to keep them fresh. GloveStix are the only CHEMICAL FREE, NON-TOXIC deodorizer of its kind.

GloveStix doesn’t just mask the smell of your equipment, it neutralizes it. GloveStix doesn’t change the smell of your equipment, it simply makes it not smell.

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