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Hex Performance Dual Action Gear Wash - 4oz

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Hex Performance Dual Action Gear Wash - 4oz

What if you never washed your workout clothes? Now imagine how your gear feels. Bacteria and mildew raise a stink on all your gear, not just your apparel. Put HEX to the test against your toughest odors and clean the uncleanable.

HEX Performance Dual-Action Gear Wash is safe for all washables, and will clean and protect your toughest gear and apparel. For items that can’t fit into your washing machine or require a personal touch, like football pads, shoes, ski jackets, and more, see how you can hand wash below.

Dual Action Treatment

Step 1: Add to the detergent tray to deep clean and remove odors during the wash cycle.

Step 2: Add to the softener tray to prevent odors with our anti-odor technology and restore performance during the rinse cycle.

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