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Paddle Wedge 2.0 Goalie Stick Accessory

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Paddle Wedge 2.0 Goalie Stick Accessory


The Paddle Wedge was initially created, because adding extra padding to the inside of the blocker did not solve the issue. If the finger and knuckle were already damaged, further impact to the area would only make it worse. The solution was to prevent the puck from ever reaching that spot.  A goalie stick accessory was the way to go. 


The ramp like shape of the wedge makes the puck deflect up and over the blocker’s soft spot. Because of the hollow core, the wedge is super light and is unnoticeable during play. The 2nd generation Paddle Wedge is more compact and feather light. A must have item for ultimate goalie stick protection.

  • Made In Denmark
  • Easy On And Off
  • Protects "Paddle Finger"

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