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Snipers Edge Ultimate Goalie Shooter Tutor

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Snipers Edge Ultimate Goalie Shooter Tutor

The only way to score more goals is to practice. Again and again. To learn the places that are often open on the net, to repeat it over and over again. Score more goals, practice. On the Ultimate Goalie. Do it. Do it. Did I mention you have to repeat it? Adjustable, with a drawstring for easy retrieval of pucks, you’ll be able to shoot pucks, over and over and over again. 


  • Take Ultimate Goalie to practice for on-ice training tool, or for dryland or backyard training.


  • Challenging design with five holes, perfect your accuracy with the Sniper’s Edge Ultimate Goalie.


  • Designed with bungees to attach to any regulation net, and a pull-cord to lift the bottom up to access the net and grab your pucks with ease.


  • Made in the USA, we know that our Ultimate Goalie will withstand the most shots than any other goalie trainer in the market. Tough and durable, it will last.

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