March Padness 2014

March Padness is Back!

March Padness is a bracket style tournament created to determine the best custom goalie pads in the US. Our team of Total Goalie experts will determine a pool of the top 64 leg pad sets from pictures that you submit. Once the pool of 64 is complete, our Facebook fans will be presented with a daily match up of pads in a bracket style format until the March Padness winner is crowned on April 7, 2014.

The March Padness winners for 2014 will receive:

  • FIRST PLACE: Warrior Swagger Pro Custom 3-Pack of goalie sticks to compliment their gear!
  • SECOND PLACE: $200 Total Goalie Gift Card
  • THIRD PLACE: $100 Total Goalie Gift Card


March Padness 2014
  • All photos must be submitted to by Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @ 5pm to be considered for the contest. Please submit your name and contact info along with any photos.
  • As you'll see in the picture above, all photos must contain some kind of sign that says "Total Goalie - March Padness" on it to be considered for the contest. NOTE: To insure that the photo you submit is actually of your pads (and not picture from the internet), only pictures with physical signs in them will be accepted. We will not accept pictures with photoshopped signs.
  • All photos must include a set of leg pads to be considered for the contest. Photos MAY include gloves, masks or sticks, but sets will only be judged on the quality of the leg pads.
  • The photo that you submit must be of your own personal pads - not a friend's set or a set that you find online.
  • Unfortunately, due to manufacturer shipping restrictions, this contest is only open to US residents. Our apologies to our Canadian friends!


  • March 6 - March 18, 2014: Total Goalie will accept photo submissions of your leg pad set for consideration.
  • March 19, 2014: Total Goalie determines the pool of 64 pad sets.
  • March 20, 2014: Voting for March Padness begins through our Total Goalie Facebook Page.
  • April 7, 2014: March Padness winner is crowned!
  • POOL OF 64:

    • An impartial group of Total Goalie experts will determine the top 64 pad sets to be included in the contest.
    • Voting on each match up in the pool of 64 will be done via online polling through our Total Goalie Facebook Page.
    • The pads with the highest number of votes in each match up will be declared the winner and will move on to the next round.
    • In the case of a tie, Total Goalie experts will determine the winner.


    • Please vote on each set based on what looks better to you.  That could mean that one set is more original, unique, or more colorful than another, or you could just vote for your friend's set.