SNEAK PEEK - Brian's G-NETiK 5.0 Series

In the fall of 2013, the folks at Brian's Custom Sports invited a small, select group of retailers to a resort outside of Toronto for their annual sales meeting and product launch event. As one of Brian's major partners, we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation and of course we jumped at the chance to attend. We've been fans of the Brian's brand for several year's now, and we typically jump at any opportunity to catch up with the staff and learn about the new gear coming out.

As you'd expect, the Sub Zero Pro 2 line took center stage as far as new product goes and everyone gathered around the product displays to try on the gear for the first time. Everyone took turns sharing their thoughts, doing "carpet flies" on the floor - the normal stuff that you'd expect a bunch of excited goalies to do. No one paid much attention to any of the "older" gear displayed on other tables. After all - we felt that we were pretty well acquainted with that stuff, and we were there to see what's new.

(NOTE: For those who haven't read it yet, make sure that you check out the Sub Zero Pro 2 review that two of our staffers wrote a few weeks ago.)

Once we tried the SZ2 and presentation was made, Brian's staffers picked up some G-NETiK gear off of the display tables and started passing it around the room. We talked amongst ourselves about how well we like this pro level gear, how well it has sold for us, etc., and as the gear gets about 3/4 of the way around the room, we're asked this question:

"So...What do you think of our new import line?"

IMPORT?! You mean, this stuff is made overseas?! To a man, there's not one person in the room who could tell that this was import gear. Just to drive the point home, Brian's staffers then give us the domestic gear for comparison but once again - it's nearly impossible to see or feel the difference.

Goalies...Let me introduce you to the new Brian's G-NETiK 5.0 Leg Pads, Catch Glove, and Blocker for 2014.

Overseas Advantages = Incredible Quality

For those who don't know, Brian's has some several factors working in their favor when it comes to overseas production. To name a few:

  • Brian's produces their overseas gear at a plant in the Philippines. Among other things, this plant also produces many of the baseball gloves that are on the market today - so you know that the staff there is very experienced when it comes to making leather goods.
  • Brian's doesn't have domestic staffers that visit the factory every few months to insure that production is going smoothly. Instead, they moved key domestic staffers over to Manilla so that this staff could be on the ground on a full-time basis. This insures that the factory is consistently producing high quality products that meet Brian's strict standards.
  • The staff at Brian's also has key relationships when it comes to sourcing high quality production materials, so you know that you're getting the best stuff. In fact, the materials used to create the G-NETiK 5.0 shell and external parts are the same as the materials used to create PRO level products from other manufacturers that produce overseas.
  • In addition to moving domestic staff overseas, Brian's also purchased and moved the same manufacturing equipment (dies, break-in machines, etc) that goes into producing the domestic, PRO level gear to the overseas plant. In short, the import G-NETiK 5.0 gear is made exactly the same way as the PRO level G-NETiK gear that is made in Canada.

As if there weren't enough to convince you to give the 5.0's a try, know also that this gear is backed by Brian's industry leading one year limited warranty.

We've Got Them First!

A few months ago, Brian's offered their retail partners an opportunity to purchase a limited quantity of G-NETiK 5.0 Senior sized gear that will be arriving in February - a good three months before the main shipment is set to arrive in North America (May 2014). We're so bullish on this gear that we purchased over 50% of these advanced sets, making us one of the few retailers in North America who will have them in the next few weeks. If you've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this gear as much as we have, then you'll want to pre-order your set at Total Goalie today.

And Now...The Gear

Just a few quick notes about the gear, and then we'll let the product videos below give you most of the details:

  • LEG PADS: The main difference between the G-NETiK PRO and 5.0 leg pads are the foams used in construction. While the PRO uses Brian's proprietary "E-Foams" in their construction (the lightest foams on the market), the 5.0 series uses a combination of HD & LD foams. The weight difference between the two pads is just under 0.5 lbs.
  • GLOVES: Other than the E-Foam / HD-LD foam difference mentioned above, the 5.0 gloves will include every other material feature that you'll find in the domestic glove. This includes the "No Slip Grip" palm, and the X-static materials in the finger stalls.
  • SIZING & COLORS: Though only Senior sizes and stock colors will arrive in February, Total Goalie will be receiving more colors patterns, as well as more SR, INT and JR sizes, in mid-May. Among these new colors will be some insane looking Brian's Vintage sets that you will absolutely fall in love with!
  • We hope you enjoy the product videos below. If you want to learn more about the gear, or just ask some questions of our staff, feel free to post any comments or questions in the discussion box below or contact us anytime.

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