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2014 Vaughn Buyers Guide - Catch Gloves


In this article, we'll cover the major construction, fit and performance characteristics of Vaughn's three PRO level catch gloves for 2014: the 2000 V6 (which replaces the 7800 V5), the 2200 V6 (which replaces the 7990 V5), and the LT90 Ventus. READ MORE>>

2014 Vaughn Buyers Guide - Leg Pads


In this article, we'll cover the major construction, fit and performance characteristics of Vaughn's three PRO level leg pads: the 2000 V6 , the 2200 V6, and the LT90 Ventus. We won't cover EVERY feature of these pads (that's too much to read anyway), so we've included each pad's product video at the bottom of this post. Together, this should teach you everything you need to know about these fantastic leg pads. READ MORE>>

Brian's G-NETiK Pro Chest & Arms Review


There's so much going on with the Brian's G-NETiK Pro Chest & Arm Protector, that the best way for you to start with this post is to watch the detailed product video below. That way, you'll learn about all of the features of this great unit and we can focus on the highlights, which we'll go through soon. READ MORE>>

March Padness 2014


March Padness is a bracket style tournament created to determine the best custom goalie pads in the US. Our team of Total Goalie experts will determine a pool of the top 64 leg pad sets from pictures that you submit. Once the pool of 64 is complete, our Facebook fans will be presented with a daily match up of pads in a bracket style format until the March Padness winner is crowned on April 7, 2014. READ MORE>>

SNEAK PEEK - Brian's G-NETiK 5.0 Series


In the fall of 2013, the folks at Brian's Custom Sports invited a small, select group of retailers to a resort outside of Toronto for their annual sales meeting and product launch event. As one of Brian's major partners, we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation and of course we jumped at the chance to attend. We've been fans of the Brian's brand for several year's now, and we typically jump at any opportunity to catch up with the staff and learn about the new gear coming out. READ MORE>>

Bauer Reactor 6000 Review


Who else besides us got excited to see Curtis Joseph rockin' his vintage Bauer set in the "Reactor 5" design during the Winter Classic Alumni game? It was great to see Cujo dominate the crease again, and it got us thinking about how much we liked our own Reactor 6000 sets. Jim Martin and I have each been using our Reactor 6000 sets for a few months now, and since the gear is back in the spotlight we figured that the time was right for a review. READ MORE>>

What NHL Goalies are Wearing - January 2014


Every now and then, the great guys at Vaughn Custom Sports send us a spreadsheet listing the brand of gear that each goalie in every NHL team's system organization is wearing. For Vaughn, it's a good marketing piece to show exactly how much of their gear is worn by the pros. READ MORE>>

Brian's Sub Zero Pro 2 Review


In this review, we'll take you through the latest set of gear that we've tried - the new Brian's Custom Sports Sub Zero Pro 2 leg pads, catch glove and blocker. Unless you live under a rock or just haven't been paying attention, you've seen that Brian's has gained a lot of traction in the NHL lately, and quite a few NHL goalies are sporting Sub Zero Pro 2 sets this year including Craig Anderson (OTT), Antti Raanta (CHI) and Jaroslav Halak (STL). READ MORE>>

Lefevre Factory Tour


Earlier this year, the folks at Reebok/ CCM invited us up to their Montreal offices for product meetings to see the new XLT and Retro-Flex lines. As a part of these meetings, we also spent a good chunk of time touring the legendary Lefevre pro goalie gear factory just outside of Montreal. There, both Patrick Lefevre and Sonya Dibiase gave us a soup to nuts tour of the pro production process, and they even took us into the back rooms to see some truly unique items. For goalie nuts like us, this tour was the highlight of the meeting agenda! READ MORE>>

Blackstone A-Trap Skate Sharpening System


A few months ago, the manager of our TH Tech department came to us with a new set of spinners for Blackstone - makers of the FBV sharpening system. This new system, which is called the A-Trap, is an innovative system for goalies which gives them a sharper inside edge while keeping a balanced profile across the width of the blade. In the past, it was only possible to get a sharper inside edge by either getting a deeper traditional hollow, or by offsetting the inside edge of the blade to be higher than the outside edge. READ MORE>>