What NHL Goalies are Wearing - January 2014

Every now and then, the great guys at Vaughn Custom Sports send us a spreadsheet listing the brand of gear that each goalie in every NHL team's system organization is wearing. For Vaughn, it's a good marketing piece to show exactly how much of their gear is worn by the pros. For us, it's just fun to see what brand each goalie is wearing, and it's fun to compare these lists each year to see who has switched brands, see what kinds of pants, masks or chest guards the sponsored guys are wearing, etc.

It's been a while since we've seen a breakdown of gear on the internet, and since we just got another spreadsheet from Vaughn we thought that we'd share this information with you.

A few notes about this information:

  • We've done our best to include every goalie that has played at least one NHL regulation game in 2013-14, which in our estimation is about 75 goalies. This may be off as we may have missed a 1-2 guys, but that shouldn't skew the data too much one way or another.
  • Tim Thomas was not included on this list. He has worn about 5 different brands this year, and that's just too much variation to be included. We doubt that even his equipment managers know what brand he'll be wearing from game to game!
  • Vaughn had incomplete data for goalie pants, chest guards, sticks and masks, and they had no data for skates, so we decided to only post categories that they had complete data for. Also, Vaughn only had data for major manufacturers including Bauer, Brian's, Reebok, CCM, Warrior, and one or two other smaller brands.
  • This post is just for fun - please treat it that way. Our intent is not to imply that one brand is better than another, or that we recommend one brand over another. And, if we've missed a goalie or two in our calculations, please don't skewer us for that. We did our best to vet the data, but we didn't spend weeks researching this blog post.

And now, the results....

Leg Pads

NHL Leg Pads by Brand 2013

Catch Gloves

NHL Catch Gloves by Brand 2013


NHL Blockers by Brand 2013

What's your opinion? Do you have a favorite brand? Feel free to post your feedback in the comments box below and let's see what you think! As always, if we can answer any specific gear questions, please contact us anytime.

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