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Bladetech 24K Gold Vertexx Edge Goalie Runners - Junior


Bladetech 24K Gold Vertexx Edge Goalie Runners - Junior

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BladeTech 24K Gold Vertexx Edge Goalie Runners

  • 24K GOLD COATING:  This special coating with gold tinge and diamond-like properties helps fortify the steel, making it resistant to damage and drastically extends its life. It performs similar to the Black Diamond DLC.
  • Fits in Bauer Vertexx Edge goalie holder
  • Stock 30' Radius
  • 25mm height


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Vertexx Edge Runner Sizing

Vertexx Edge Holder/Runner Sizing Chart
Bauer Skate Size Runner Size (mm)
Fit 1, Fit 2 & D Width Skates Fit 3 & EE Width Skates
1.0 212mm 212mm
1.5 212mm 212mm
2.0 221mm 221mm
2.5 221mm 221mm
3.0 230mm 230mm
3.5 230mm 230mm
4.0 238mm 238mm
4.5 238mm 238mm
5.0 246mm 246mm
5.5 246mm 254mm
6.0 254mm 254mm
6.5 254mm 263mm
7.0 263mm 263mm
7.5 263mm 272mm
8.0 272mm 272mm
8.5 272mm 280mm
9.0 280mm 280mm
9.5 280mm 288mm
10.0 288mm 288mm
10.5 288mm 296mm
11.0 296mm 296mm
11.5 296mm 306mm
12.0 306mm 306mm
13.0 306mm 306mm
14.0 322mm 322mm
15.0 322mm 322mm