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Brians GNETiK IV Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

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Brians GNETiK IV Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

The Brian’s GNETiK IV leg pads are a lightweight, high tech, and high performance pro level leg pad for the goalie looking for the very best in quality and performance. With the continued success of the GNETiK line Brian’s has upgraded even more on this year’s model adding features such as Opti-Slide, a new smart strapping system, and Torsion Flex Technology.

  • Flat Faced, Laceless design
  • Ultra thin profile
  • Single break stock design (Flex 1-3-4)
  • Laced in outer knee flap allows for open or closed knee cradle
  • Smart cord/smart bootstrapping
  • Simplified calf strapping
  • 84 Degree toe taper
  • Ultra lightweight E-Foam Pad core

The Brian’s GNETiK IV leg pads offer a modern alternative to traditional hybrid pads. While many goalies identify as butterfly or hybrid style, the GNETiK line has often catered to goalies who fall into the latter. The new GNETiK IV leg pads cater to all goalie’s styles and with new Torsion Flex Technology achieves a flexible yet dependable pad. The Torsion Flex Technology is an internal knee roll construction that provides a torsional flex feel through the knee and core of the pad creating a less boxy feel throughout and allows the pad to be more reactive on the goalie while maintain its shape. 

The Brian’s GNETiK IV leg pads also feature a binding-less inner gusset as well as the introduction of Opti-slide to the GNETiK line. The binding-less inner gusset creates less drag when sliding across the ice, while the Opti-slide uses Brian’s Primo material for a smooth and quick butterfly slide. These features are combined on the GNETiK IV pads with a firmer foam on the sliding surfaces to create the best and most consistent butterfly slides to date. 

The new strapping on the GNETiK IV pads takes a simple yet effective approach. Starting at the bottom of the pad, the GNETiK IV leg pads feature the new smart cord toe tie system that utilizes shock cord and Velcro for a firm and secure fit, without restricting or pulling on the skate. Next the GNETiK IV pads feature the smart boot strap made with high-grade nylon seat belt like material which is fully adjustable to the goalies desired preference without worry of stretching or breaking like with traditional leather boot straps. The GNETiK IV features a 1-piece calf closure. This Velcro strap can be adjusted at 2 points and features a large secure Velcro fastening that is just as effective as Smart-X-Straps while eliminating the need for a calf closure strap and thus reducing weight. The GNETiK IV pads strapping rounds out with a knee Velcro that can be fastened down to the calf or straight across the knee with a laced in removable knee wing. 

The construction of the Brian’s GNETiK IV leg pad features the highest quality materials to deliver a lightweight and high-performance piece of equipment. E-Foam Technology is the lightweight foam used throughout all of Brian’s top end leg pads. This foam provides a pro level performance and protection while keeping the weight of the pad down. The GNETiK IV pads will also include the Brian’s Pro 2 knee pads.

The Brian’s GNETiK IV leg pads are the peak in performance and craftsmanship. If you are a goalie looking for one of the best built pads on the market that performs at pro levels the Brian’s GNETiK IV is worth the look. 

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Weight:4.7 lbs.Weight of a single leg pad measured in pounds (Sr 34" Int 30" Jr 28" Yth 23").
Pad Style:Reaction/HybridThe style of play ("Reaction/ Hybrid" or "Blocking/Butterly") that the pad was designed for. "Reaction/Hybrid" pads tend to be more flexible and have more breaks - great for those with a narrow butterfly. "Blocking/Butterfly" pads tend to have fewer breaks and are more rigid - better for goalies with a wider butterfly.
Knee Breaks:Single External Below KneeBreaks in the foam & material of the outer roll. Pads with zero (O) knee breaks tend to be more rigid and have less flex, while pads with one (1) or two (2) knee breaks are "softer" and have more flex built into them.
Width:11 InchesWidth of a single pad measured in inches.
External Material:Jenpro with Primo Sliding SurfaceType of external material.
# of Straps:1 Knee, 1 Calf, 1 Boot, 1 ToeNumber of leg attachment straps.
Strap Type:Smart StrapType of attachment strap.
Adjustable Straps:YesDoes the leg pad have straps that can be easily moved or replaced
Thigh Protection:Pro II Knee GuardType of upper leg protection.
Toe Attachment Type:Smart CordType of piece that attaches the pad to the toe of the skate.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:6 Months LimitedPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.