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Brians OPTiK X2 Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

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Brians OPTiK X2 Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

The Brian’s Optik X2 leg pads feature tons of high-end features in a mid-price point for goalies of all ages and playing styles. The Optik X2 derives design inspirations from the pro level Optik 2 pad in an economic package for youth and adult league players alike. These features include a flat laceless design, streamlined outer roll, primo sliding edge and smart strap attachments. 

  • Flat, laceless pad face provides consistent strong rebounds.
  • Streamlines outer roll for reduced bulk and easy RVH capability.
  • Primo Sliding Edge allows for quick butterfly slides across the crease.
  • Easy to use smart strap system allows for comfortable fit and support. 

The Brian’s Optik X2 leg pads are a continuation of the optic 9.0 pad which serves as a mid-price point pad option for the Optik family. While the pro level Optik 2 leg pads are the top-of-the-line Optik pad featuring all the best possible materials available and hand crafted in Canada, the new Optik X2 takes the main design features from that pad to give goalies who may not need the top end pad a great Optik option. The Optik pads are known for their flat faced design and firm rebound control and the Optik X2 follows that tradition. Goalies looking for a slightly stiffer pad that suits the goalie who relies on butterfly and butterfly slides will appreciate the Optik X2 design. The Primo sliding edge on the Optik X2 pads allows goalies to slide quicker across the crease to make that butterfly slide save. 

The Brian’s Optik X2 leg pads feature the Optik 2 style calf wrap strapping that is a simple Y shaped strap that attaches with Velcro and is adjustable on the inside for a 1-time adjustment. At the knee there is a removable knee flap for strapping across the knee or a Velcro patch on the calf for strapping knee to calf. At the bottom of the pad goalie will find Smart straps at the boot and toe. The smart boot strap carries over from the pervious generation 9.0 with a seatbelt material that never loses its place. At the toe there is the smart cord toe straps that allow for movement of the skate along the bottom of the pad to relieve tension on the hips. 

The Optik X2 pad features the extremely popular graphic found on the Pro level Optik 2 pads and is available in senior, intermediate and junior sizes so even the youth player can look like their favorite Brian’s NHL goalie. If you are a goalie looking for a lightweight flat faced pad that slides well across the crease in a mid-price point, check out the Brian’s Optik X2 leg pads.

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