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Captodor Laundry Detergent - 33.8oz


Captodor Laundry Detergent - 33.8oz

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2024 | 64549-2
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Unique laundry formula, optimized to efficiently dislodge dirt and unpleasant perspiration odors that particularly adhere to the synthetic fibers of sportswear. It is also very effective for washing clothing made of natural fibers.

This laundry detergent attacks all kinds dirt including grease, grass, and mud. This is a high-performance detergent and only requires a small quantity to effectively clean a load of laundry so that you can obtain exceptionally clean results. With a pleasant scent, that remains after washing and drying, you won’t have a lingering smell of sweat after you’ve washed your gear. This detergent does not alter the color or brightness of fabrics. Works effectively in cold or hot water. Neutral pH and includes no phosphates.

May be used in both, HE and standard washing machines. 40 Loads.

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