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CCM Extreme Flex III Foam Core Goalie Stick - Intermediate

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CCM Extreme Flex III Foam Core Goalie Stick - Intermediate

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The CCM Extreme Flex III foam core sticks are a direct result of collaboration with NHL goalies, and have been greatly improved to add consistency and performance to your game. Based on these improvements, CCM has seen an all-time high amount of goalies switching to the Extreme Flex stick line.

The Extreme Flex III features a much more balanced shaft weight. This makes the shaft lighter overall, and gives goalies a consistent feel and experience every time they take the ice. The shaft uses aspen wood in the core, and is supplemented with fiberglass and graphite laminates, reducing weight and providing pro-level durability.

The paddle of the stick also uses fiberglass and graphite laminates around its foam core. The foam core is lightweight and helps dampen and control pucks, while the laminates enhance durability.

A full graphite blade construction lets goalies feel the puck where it matters most. The consistent and durable construction of the blade not only makes it much easier to direct pucks off of shots, but also increases feel and accuracy while playing the puck.

*Junior blades feature graphite and fiberglass laminate construction

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