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Vaughn Ventus SLR4 Pro Carbon Leg Pads - Senior


Vaughn Ventus SLR4 Pro Carbon Leg Pads - Senior

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2024 | 62458-41
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The SLR4 Pro Carbon goalie leg pads are the latest top-of-the-line leg pad from Vaughn offering a stiff flat faced design with a medium flex boot, for advanced rebound control with exceptional movement and stability.

Pad Shape/Style: Pre-curved flat

Sliding Surface: QuickSlide

Strapping System: RRC Strapping

Toe Strapping: Bungee with Velcro

When purchasing a new pair of goalie leg pads, there are many factors to consider to ensure that you get the model that fits your level and style of play the best. If you’re unsure which leg pads are right for you, or if you need help with sizing visit your local Pure Hockey.

The Vaughn SLR4 Pro Carbon leg pads feature all-new Carbon Core Technology, this pure composite face ensures active rebounds in quick and dynamic play situations. The beveled solid outer roll offers a sleek low profile look with an efficient design.

Upgraded from the SLR3 Pro Carbon pads, the SLR 4’s offers a wide leg channel and inside edge for greater butterfly stability. An internal cushion on the calf helps distribute your body weight evenly along the inside edge of the pad, allowing for greater pad control. Another upgrade is the RRC Quick-change Strapping, allowing you customize your fit and maximize your rotation.

Vaughn has also included their popular QuickSlide sliding surface, combined with a carbon reinforced inner knee block offering their smoothest slide ever. These pads also have a flatter in-step on the boot for increased transition speed and faster pad rotation. For the toe ties Vaughn uses their bungee cord with Velcro taking pressure off your hips and knees in the butterfly and RVH. 

If you’re a goalie playing 4-5+ times a week and want the most out of your pads, or someone looking to experience a true top-of-the-line pad, the new SLR4 Pro Carbon leg pads are a great option. 


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