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About Us

It all started as a hockey equipment shop in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1994. In the beginning, it wasn't much different than all of the other shops selling hockey gear; except for one thing -- we decided to make it HUGE! Today, our hockey superstores are some of the largest you've ever seen, carrying a wide and deep range of all things goalie, including thousands of options for custom goalie equipment, not to mention our top quality service and repair offerings. The concept is better than anything anyone has ever done in the hockey goalie retailing business.

Every store manager across the board at Pure Goalie is a former goalie or extremely passionate about the game. Their knowledge and passion for the game and the position are unrivaled. Their willingness to share honest opinions about products, fitting and service are second-to-none. For us, it's not about getting you to spend as much money as possible, it's about making sure you leave the store knowing you were treated well, fitted properly, educated about the products and satisfied with your purchase. Simply put, we do hockey goalie equipment in a way no other hockey equipment retailer can.

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