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Graphic - Goalie Fit Experience - With a larger inventory selection than ever before, find the gear that best fits your game!

When it comes to goalie gear, fit is everything, and being able to try it on before you buy it helps you make sure the fit is perfect. That’s why we’re bringing goalie product to more locations than ever before. Our Goalie Fit Experience locations carry nearly every size of the most popular goalie products on the market, so our team of goalie experts can help you find the product that best fits your game. Once you’ve picked the gear you want, we’ll ship everything right to your front door at no cost.


  • Is this offered at all Pure Hockey locations?

    • In order to provide the best possible inventory selection, the Goalie Experience is only offered at the stores checked in the list above.
  • Do I need an appointment?

    • No appointments are necessary – you can come in for a goalie fitting any time the store is open! Find Your Store.
  • What if I want to make a return?

    • No problem! Bring your gear into any store and an employee will process your return and answer any additional questions you may have.